Independent Curatorial Projects


Workshop organized by Lindsay Hutchens and Stephanie Koch
Saturday, March 30, 2019

As a closing to the Anarchival Impulse exhibition, the GET ARCHIVED workshop brought an action-based culmination to the dialogues present within the exhibition’s individual works wherein artists build their own archives to establish a new kind of historical record.

Sixty Inches from Center Director of Operations + Archiving, Jennifer Patiño Cervantes, began with a presentation on how to archive your own work, and the urgency of such actions in our digital present, especially for emerging artists, curators, and community organizers of color and along a spectrum of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, ability, and discipline.

After the presentation, volunteers were available throughout ACRE’s open hours to assist anyone who wanted to contribute to two of Chicago’s most important libraries: the Chicago Artist Files at the Harold Washington Library, and The Pamphlet Files at the Ryerson Library in the Art Institute of Chicago.


Sixty Inches from Center works with the Chicago Artist Files to help it get more contemporary artists catalogued, particularly artists of color and along a spectrum of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, ability, and discipline. In an effort to help preserve the legacy of the art that our organization supports, have a hand in shaping the art history of Chicago and help address the changing landscape of the art world, we will regularly contribute the content of our website to the archive, creating files for each artist and art space we profile.

The Chicago Artist Files is a Chicago Public Library-maintained open archive of over 11,000 Chicago artists who have exhibited work in at least two exhibitions nationally or internationally. While the archive has created a place in history for established mid to late twentieth century artists, capturing twenty-first century artists, new practices, new media, and new technology has proved challenging.

Jennifer Patiño Cervantes grew up on the Southwest Side of Chicago with roots in Mexico. She is an arts writer, poet, and Director of Operations + Archives for Sixty Inches From Center. She graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Art History and double minors in Poetry and Latino/Hispanic Studies. She is currently pursuing her MLIS at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Salon 2D

I collect art - slowly and frugally - and while pursuing consecutive masters degrees in Photography and Visual Critical Studies at School of the Art Institute of Chicago I opened my home for others to view the latest and greatest in my ever-growing personal collection, and to enjoy some homemade pancakes.

AUTO BIOGRAPHY AFTER FICTION: A Visual Artists' Approach to Curation & Criticism

By Lindsay Hutchens & Michelle Marie Murphy
January 27th - February 17th, 2017
Flaxman Library Special Collections, Sharp 5th Floor

Recognizing the poignancy of the second-wave feminist concept “personal as political,” graduate students Lindsay Hutchens and Michelle Marie Murphy began their collaborative research at Joan Flasch Artists’ Books Collection in the Spring of 2016. They requested to view any works that germinate from an autobiographical perspective with the belief that autobiographically inspired (subjective) art can allow us to reflect on broader (objective) political and societal issues. Hutchens & Murphy exhibit the primary source findings along with their own aesthetic (subjective) representations using photography and writing to reveal and magnify broader issues of labor, wellness, and intimacy.

Co-curated with Michelle Marie Murphy, AUTO BIOGRAPHY AFTER FICTION: Galentine’s screening with works from the Video Data Bank, Joan Flasch Artists Book Collection, SAIC, Chicago IL

Co-curated with Michelle Marie Murphy, AUTO BIOGRAPHY AFTER FICTION, Joan Flasch Artists Book Collection, SAIC, Chicago IL